Professional Services

Recent Institute Services

  • Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee. The Chair is responsible for managing and guiding the academic activities across different undergraduate, post-graduate, and PhD programs. The academic affairs committee provides recommendations to the Senate for forming new rules and policies related to academic activities, starting new programs, etc. (July 2020 - ).

  • Chair-PG Affairs (July 2022 - ).

  • Coordinator and Nodal Officer of Bhaskara Research Centre established at IIIT-Delhi under the ADF scheme of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). (July 2021 - ).

  • TPC member of the Information Theory Workshop 2023 (ITW 2023).

  • Member of the Convocation Committee, 2022, 2021.

  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Technology Innovation Hub (TiH), iHub Anubhuti-IIITD Foundation.

  • Member of the Strategy Cell of the Institute (2019 - ).

  • Chair of the Degree Designing Committee of IIIT-Delhi.

  • Founding Head of the Department of Mathematics at IIIT-Delhi: I served as the founding head of the department and established the department from the scratch in 2016. I had all the responsibilities related to establishment of the department and starting its associated UG and PhD programs along with the faculty recruitment. I also prepared the regulation documents, course templates, and guidelines for smooth functioning of the dept. I was able to recruit 8 new faculty members in the Dept. of Mathematics at IIIT-D in less than 2 years.

  • PhD (Mathematics) coordinator during 2016-18: Outreached to several Mathematics departments across India to attract good PhD applications. As a result, we have started receiving a very good number of strong applications for PhD admissions. Overall, I have organized four rounds of PhD (Mathematics) admissions at IIIT-D and served as a member of the interview committees.

  • Served as a BTech (CSAM) coordinator during 2016-17 - My role was to address all the queries of CSAM students. Towards this, I have organized interaction sessions of CSAM students with colleagues from Departments of ECE, CSE, and Mathematics. The purpose was to present CSE and ECE areas which heavily use Mathematics and therefore sensitize the students about the importance of Mathematics. These sessions were very much appreciated by the students and faculty members.

  • Mentored Mathematics club at IIIT-Delhi during 2016-17. (Mathematics club is an initiative of BTech (CSAM) students. My role was to advise the students and to facilitate all club activities.)

Recent Professional Services

  • A reviewer for Mathematical reviews of American Mathematical Society.

  • A reviewer for ZbMATH.

  • Reviewer for leading Journals in the area of Coding theory, including but not limited to, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory; Designs, Codes and Cryptography; Discrete Mathematics; Discrete Applied Mathematics; Journal of the Franklin Institute; Finite Fields and their applications; Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics; Cryptography and Communications...

  • Participated and delivered lectures in many National and International Conferences and Workshops.

Conferences and Workshops organized

  • Organized an AIS/IST on "Grobner Bases and their Applications" at IIIT-Delhi during Dec. 11-23, 2017 (Co-organizer: Prof. J. K. Verma, Department of Mathematics, IIT Bombay).